Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden Friend or Foe?

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.  ~Linda Solegato

Hello everyone.  I have been working really hard trying to clean and wake up my garden.  Recently we had a strong storm come through the area and I had enough debris to fill my large container twice and enough left over to make a large donation to my small compost pile.

We also had a little surprise left in our backyard courtesy of our local utility company (a small, invasive Tree-Of-Heaven).  We do not have any trees in our yard, but they were trimming trees in a neighbor’s yard and one fell over the fence onto our property.  This tree has been sitting in our backyard for a while despite numerous calls to have it removed.  The excuse I am given is, “we have to have our arborist look at the stump to see if we our crew cut it”.  Dude…seriously?  My husband is anxious to cut the tree but I am not happy out this.  Oh well, I will let it go and make the hubby happy.

During my outdoor excursion I was happy to see I have new volunteer plants out back in an area I rarely use.  I have a daffodil, coreopsis and a plant I can’t identify.  I am reluctant to remove it at this point so I will watch it until I can identify it.  My garden typically receives a few volunteer plants each year such as Johnny Jump Ups, tulips and red clover.  I typically relocate them to my garden (free plants).

Earlier this week on my way to work, I noticed a neighbor placing pallets out to the curb.  I was so excited to see them and circled around the block to have a little chat.  Of course, I simply had to ask him if he was throwing them out for garbage or utilizing the pallets for a project.   Thank goodness he stated the former and I asked him if I could have the pallets and explained my wish to have my hubby create a small potting station from the wood.  I offered him payment for the pallets (secretly hoping he wouldn’t accept it) and he stated he would give me 7 pallets and would drop them off at my home for $5.00. Yikes!!! I agreed and he dropped them off within the hour.  When completed I will post pictures.

Well, I have to run.  For anyone curious about the tree I mentioned, here's a link: 




  1. Good luck with your new potting bench. I look forward to seeing it!

  2. I am like you, if something comes up and I am not sure what it might be, I leave it until I know what it is. Plant IDs are not always easy with tiny new growth.
    I know Tree of Heaven, ugh!

  3. I know, every year we have to pull up the young seedlings Janet. They grow so fast and are everywhere!

  4. I'm excited to share in your expertise and knowledge of all things growing :)
    We are in the throws of a HOT Spring, here in the lower States, Tennessee has temps in the eighties this past week, not your typical Spring weather.
    Flowers have come and gone, or so it seems.
    Thank you for your sweet comment, I hope to visit with you back and forth often!

  5. Thanks for responding Jo. The weather has changed here again (31 degrees). Yikes.

  6. Friend or Fo? I've known it to be both!!


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