Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Tribute to My Two Favorite Gardeners

Greetings my fellow gardeners.  I typically don’t share much about my family but in honor of Mother’s Day I’d like to mention two extraordinary women: my grandmother Anna and mother Cynthia.

My grandmother Anna was a generous, thoughtful and caring woman.  She was also my greatest teacher about both life and nature.  She loved spending hours upon hours outdoors faithfully caring for her plants and teaching her grandchildren to respect and love all things.  I can still hear her talking and quietly humming to ailing plants under her care.  I would describe her as a plant healer.

My mother Cynthia is a vibrant, vivacious and big-hearted lady who enjoys life and loves her family fiercely.  She has sacrificed so much to keep her family happy and together.  She is also the best indoor gardener (houseplants)!  Her specialty is African violets but like my grandmother she is also excellent at plant propagation.  My mother is also a great poet and I have listed one of her poems below (dedicated to my grandmother), which was published in a book of poetry. I love you both!

Happy Mother's Day to you all out there in the blogsphere and enjoy your special day!


Mom's poem:


Another year is beginning
In my Grandmother's life for me to see
That God has given her more time on this Earth
To teach me to be:
The Giver of Love
The Passer of knowledge and wisdom
The Teacher of morals and values
The Believer of faith; and to have
The Strength of face my fears
The Ability to give and to show love
The Courage to fight my pain;
And to know that life does not
Go on forever
When I can put all these things
Into play
And know that when it comes time for my
Life to end
I will know that death will
Be nothing
But another adventure into Peace


  1. You have some wonderful, strong women in your family, I see. I can only imagine that you must follow in their footsteps.

  2. Hello, I wanted to return the favor and visit your garden blog. I noticed your To Do List, that is quite the challenge ahead of you! May it be an enjoyable one.

  3. Hi Angela, thanks for swinging by my blog! What a beautiful poem to share! Best wishes on your gardening journey's ahead! Cheers, Jenni

    1. Thanks Jenni for the kind words and stopping by.

  4. Hello Angela!
    What a lovely tribute to your mom and grandmother.
    It was very similar for me and you brought back some lovely memories, so thank you!
    While growing up in Toronto during the 1970's, my grandmother lived with us. Like yours, mine taught me much, but it was mostly indoor gardening, terrariums and violets she was interested in, where my mom was the outdoor perennial gardener!
    Lovely to meet you and all the best!

    1. The pleasure was all mine Karen. Take care and drop by any time.

  5. Thank you for the well wishes, Patty and Jenni. Hi's good to know that your mom and grandmother also influenced and shaped your love of gardening. Pleasure to meet you all and have an enjoyable week! :-)

  6. Hi Angela; so nice, that you visited my plot! Beautiful tribute to your Grandmother and your Mother. Both ladies look so lovely and generous. Great memories for ever. I love poetry and this one is very beautiful. Best wishes T♥

  7. What a beautiful tribute to these special women in your life. The poem was so thoughtful. Thanks for posting this and thanks for visiting my blog too. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Bernadine. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.

  8. Hello Angela,
    What a wonderful tribute toy your Grandmother and Mom. I hope your dream of becoming a full time garden designer and Shop owner are fulfilled and I am looking forward to following your journey.

  9. Hi Angela, what a moving post you have written. Your mother's strength and loving philosophy shines out in her poem. My mother also specialized in African violets - what a coincidence. They needed a lot of healing. They seemed to be very fussy. My grandmother had a horror of dirt and would never go near a potplant or a garden. But as a gardener and as a human being, you obviously had two superb role models. cheers, catmint

  10. Yes, it is quite a coincidence, Catmint. Thank you so much for dropping in and for the thoughtful words.


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