Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild About Gardening

Hello everyone. Spring is almost here!!!

I have a friend who requested information recently about starting a new garden that would include flowers, vegetables and herbs. They recently closed on their new home and basically have a budget of $50.00.  Be still my beating heart, a challenge! Hmm....

Because they live in zone 6A and still have snow on the ground, I recommended starting with seeds. Thankfully they have a large atrium attached to their home and a lot of patience! They ordered seeds from two of my favorite seed companies, Vermont Wildflowers (they have a vast selection of individual flower types and special mixes) and Artistic Gardens (large selection of herbs, vegetable and flower seeds). They offer sample seed packs at very low rates (starting at .40 to .50 cents for small sampler packs). Sold!

I donated a large amount of soil-less mix, seed starting supplies and a vast amount of information on gardening and wished them much success.

I will keep you posted....


Links for Vermont Wildflowers and Artistic Gardens


  1. We germinated our own seeds this year and I have to say it was so much easier and cheaper to do than to purchase plants ready to plant. I will definitely keep doing that, they did great.

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